New version of coresuite 4.70 - Official Release

On the 10th March 2015 coresuite country package v.4.70 has been released. Version 4.70 extends coresuite customize Master Data Management (MDM) with flexible functionalities and 9 new reports for HANA!

The release 4.70 is introducing the following:

• CSC-931 Master Data Management Improvement
• CSC-709 Import excel rows to UDT now available for non-superuser
• CSC-920 Grid Configurator - Allow usage of Designer Parameters Add mode
• CSC-860 Easy Function - Calculation function supports UDFs

Enterprise Search
• CSENSE-345 Performance improvements in Terminal Server environment

• CSPC-1058 FIN05433 on HANA
• CSPC-1057 FIN05408 on HANA
• CSPC-1056 Fin05533 on HANA
• CSPC-1055 FIN05401 on HANA
• CSPC-1061 FIN05419 on HANA
• CSPC-1059 FIN05413 on HANA
• CSPC-1064 STO08003 Stock Transfer on HANA
• CSPC-999 BAN10000 Payment Notice on HANA
• CSPC-998 STO08004 Pick List Report on HANA
• CSPC-1045 Journal Voucher import for HANA
• CSPC-1073 FIN05439: Support Branch Filtering
• CSPC-1072 FIN05408: Support Branch Filtering
• CSPC-1074 FIN05424: Support Branch Filtering
• CSPC-1071 FIN05440: Support Branch Filtering
• CSPC-1070 FIN05533: Support Branch Filtering
• CSPC-1075 FIN05436: Support Branch Filtering
• CSPC-1066 FIN05430: Support Branch Filtering
• CSPC-1065 FIN05438: Support Branch Filtering

• CST-1198 Use Item description provided by the cloud when synchronizing materials
• CST-1175 [Subscriptions] Improvement for Service Call Planning
• CST-1028 Support finance projects in Billing Wizard v2
• CST-1232 Support Material cloud rename
• CST-1204 Billing Wizard V2 * Distribution rule is now considered in the invoice
• CST-1117 BillingWizard V2 * Series correctly handled
• CST-892 Add Search functionalitys for coresuite Time PROJECTS

• CSD-782 External Report support for B1 onDemand

• SPY-431 Readsoft: Readsoft support for non-workflow-installations
• SPY-433 Readsoft: Include custom field 'remarks' for readsoft-integration

This version contains as well bug-fixes and other improvements.
The updated change-log is available at on the 12th March 2015.
The installers for onPremise and HANA are available at on the 12th March 2015.

We remind to all our customers that for any support request related to this release a new message should be open at mentioning in the subject the release version.
Your coresystems Team!

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