To send us a file, please follow the steps

  1. Please enter your eMail adress in the field "your eMail adress"
  2. Please insert a meaningful subject in the "Subject" field e.g. DB upload - customer or SC number
  3. In the field "message", you have the opportunity to send a brief note to the support team
  4. Using the button "browse..." you can select the file which you want to upload
  5. To send additional files, please use "add another file"
  6. The "remove" option allows to cancel the upload of the selected file 
  7. After checking all details, you can use the "SEND IT" button to upload your file(s)
  8. Please do not close your browser window until the upload has completed

Once the upload has completed, a notification will be displayed in your browser window and a email will be sent to you

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