New version of coresuite mobile 2.6 for iOS

Today 24.11.2014 we released a new version 2.6 of the coresuite mobile for iOS:



  • Each detail screen allows now a simplified way to create objects using the Plus-button

  • Support of the new Checklist Table Element

  • Extended calculation element in checklists by providing support for functions calculating average and sum

  • Open checklists are now synchronized and can be re-assigned to another unser

  • Time of last modification and its author are stored per each value entered in checklists



  • Improved data entering in checklists
  • Assignments' area on a home screen is extended while scrolled on iPhone
  • In stock value of the items added to the sales documents is calculated based on warehouse specified for it
  • It's possible to specify default value for the notes on sales documents
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