New version of coresuite 4.30 - Official Release

On the 28th April 2014 coresuite country package, time and swissPayment v.4.30 have been released.

The release 4.30 introduces the following:


  • CSF-302               Management of Additional Cube Licences

Enterprise Search

  • CSENSE-316      Tooltip on Equipment Cards


  • CSC-770              Grid Configurator * Support New Tab on BP Master Data
  • CSC-765              Grid Configurator * Support New Tab on Service Calls
  • CSC-764              Grid Configurator * Support New Tab on Service Contract
  • CSC-607              Full package of sample rules for SAP Hana
  • CSC-794              EasyFunctions: OpenDocument accept parameters for the document type argument
  • CSC-760              UDT Handler Import/Export of parameters


  • CSPC-939           Import JV from excel - Support Cypriot localization
  • CSPC-919           FIN05418 for HANA
  • CSPC-920           PRD07001_Production Order - LD (PRD07001)
  • CSPC-925           Importing Journal Entries: Additional fields OJDT.DueDate, JDT1.ShortName
  • CSPC-820           Option to import Dimension 2, Dim. 3, Dim. 4, Dim. 5 in the JV  Import
  • CSPC-XXX          A full set of HANA reports is included with this version of the Content


  • CST-1043            Effort and Expenses Approval (draft documentation available here)
  • CST-1035            Default owner option in new Billing Wizard
  • CST-959               Billing wizard V2: include from/to date as default setting for filter criterias
  • CST-899               Enhanced Perfomance of Draft Invoices created by the Billing Wizard V2
  • CST-1014            Customize rule "Change document type" for Billing Wizard V2
  • CST-1015            Customize rule to "Add downpayment to the Invoice generated" for Billing Wizard V2
  • CST-1034            Customize rule "Change BP for the target document created" for Billing Wizard V2
  • CST-1036            Disable effort date filter

 This version contains as well bug-fixes and other improvements.

 The updated change-log is available at on 29th April 2014.

We remind  to all our customers that for any support request related to this release a new message should be open at mentioning in the subject the release version.

 If you want to see some of the latest country package "news" in action do not miss the coresystems inside event on the 30th April 2014

Your coresystems Team!

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