New version of coresuite 4.20 - Official Release

On the 10th March 2014 coresuite country package 4.20 has been released.

coresuite country package 4.20 introduces a new loading mechanism aimed to improve the startup speed. This option can be enabled in Add-Ons > coresuite administration > Administration > Global Module Configuration > Advanced Settings > Enable Fast Load. Please note that the fast load will be triggered after three start-up.

NOTE: In case you are using customizations for loading special dlls or modules developed by other partners you might get warning messages at startup. If this is the case you can always switch off the Fast Load mechanism from the coresuite administration.


The release 4.20 introduces the following:

  • Framework
    • CSF-267 Performance Improvements at start-up
    • CSF-277 Unified 32bit Installer for HANA and onPremise version
  • Enterprise Search
    • CSENSE-311 Performance Improvement at start-up
    • CSENSE-302 Support for Purchase Blanket Agreements and Sales Blanket Agreements
  • Customize
    • CSC-756 Performance Improvements at start-up
    • CSC-771 Grid Configurator supports New Tab on Equipment Card
    • CSC-755 Grid Configurator supports Multi-Selection
    • CSC-778 Grid Configurator allows to write back on fields in different pane levels
    • CSC-779 UDT Handler supports complex filters
  • Designer
    • CSD-773 Trigger layoutdef events from preview
    • CSD-774 Usability improvements in UI Button rendering when Windows settings are changed (dpi)
  • Content
    • CSPC-914 "coresuite" define installments allows to define which installments are relevant for the liquidity forecast
    • CSPC-885 DIN Document layout supports the new form “purchase request” introduced in SAP 9.0
    • CSPC-930 JV Import supports Singapore localization
    • CSPC-892 JV Import supports Business Partners as posting option
    • CSPC-918 BookingWizard: Enable property description OJDT.Memo
  • Cube
    • CSCU-385 New “Available to promise” cube

 This version contains as well bug-fixes and other improvements.

 The updated change-log is available at on 11th March 2014.

The installers for the release 4.20 is available under the section “coresuite installer” at  on 11th March 2014.

We remember to all our customers that for any support request related to this release a new message should be open at mentioning in the subject the release version.


Your coresystems Team!

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