New versions of coresuite mobile solution

Yesterday 19.08.2013 we released 2 new versions of the coresuite mobile solution:

coresuite mobile checklist designer


  • Calculation Element (elements with “-“ in the name are not allowed anymore)
  • Mark elements as "Internal“
  • New Picker-Type for Equipments
  • New Filter-Type "underlying object" for Pickers (Person, Contact, Address, Equipment)
  • Allow Removing Inactive Checklist Template


  • New Predefined Text "Current User" for Text Input fields
  • Support for Japanese Language
  • Bug fixes

coresuite mobile business client version


  • Add support for the "Internal" elements in the Checklist Designer
  • Add support for new Filter-Type „underlying object“ of the Checklist Designer


  • Activity icons in different colors
    • Gray: Closed Activities
    • Red: Open Activities and the current time is later than the EndDate/Time of the activity
    • Green: Open Activities and the current time is between the StartDate/Time and EndDate/Time of the Activity
    • Blue: Open Activities and the current date is earlier than the StartDate/Time of the Activity


  • Application freezes after editing business partner
  • Other Bug fixes





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