New version of coresuite mobile 2.3.10 for iOS

Today 17.06.2013 we released a new version 2.3.10 of the coresuite mobile for iOS:


  • Added displaying leader of assignments
  • Added an option for the user to choose the way items are sorted
  • Checklists: pickers can now select equipments
  • Checklists: added new calculation element
  • Checklists: pickers have now extra filters: 'underlaying object' and 'current user'
  • Checklists: added support for unknown elements
  • Added possibility to automatically update current user's location
  • PDF report now also displays start, end date, break of attached efforts
  • PDF report now also displays UDF values and activity follow-ups
  • PDF settings could be predefined on assignments directly from the resource planner
  • Day view of efforts and work time 


  • Unit price of items is displayed on PDF reports of sales documents
  • Equipment Addresses get extended with the SAP B1 text field called 'Location'
  • Added option to go to todays events when in activities week overview, assignments view or efforts day view


  • Serial number and manufacturer serial number are now displayed correctly on equipments
  • The application doesn't crash now when creating a service call on an equipment that doesn't have a BP linked to it
  • The search works now correctly in contacts list.
  • The correct constraints are now working between start/end dates of an opportunity and its stages.
  • When an opportunity is blocked on the cloud, this info is now displayed its detail views as it should.
  • When creating an activity, the default contact is now selected together with the BP.
  • The function button is not available anymore for a conflicted object that will be deleted from the device.
  • The total value of a sales order is now displayed properly on iPhone
  • Fixed several bugs regarding planning dates of Opportunity Management dates (start and end)
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