New version of coresuite mobile 2.3.9 for iOS

Today  17.04.2013 we released a new version 2.3.9 of the coresuite mobile for iOS:


  • Extended opportunities
    - Create and edit of opportunities
    - Create and edit of stages
    - This feature requires at least the coresuite mobile connector for SAP B1 version, which was released on the 16.04.2013
    - For this feature there is also a new permission SALESOPPORTUNITY, which replaces the existing one OPPORTUNITY
    - Creation of Efforts, Expenses, Mileages and Materials on opportunities is not yet supported by coresuite time! It will be supported in the version 3.95
  • Redesigned the checklists module which now shows all the checklists and allows to filter them
  • Added 'switch company' option to the application's menu
  • Approvals display the history of the approval
  • Currently used company name is displayed on the approval detail screen
  • PDF report of service calls and activities shows now also activity follow-ups and user defined fields


  • Removed setting 'search when I type' - it's used as default now
  • Reports are shown in the high definition on the retina screens


  • In service call creation, selection of the contacts linked to the business partners of type supplier are allowed
  • Fixed showing wrong create dates on the reports
  • Fixed crash during the search in the create materials screen
  • Special characters used in the company names are now displayed correctly
  • Max length of some fields is different to SAP
  • Display remarks field on approval when there is no linked document with approval
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