New version of Resource Planner


  • Recurring appointments in planner
  • Possibility to add Travel time to the service assignments
  • Possibility to search a technician in the planning view
  • Stock information window in the planning view
  • Display activities on Service calls details screen
  • Detail screen for activities


  • Workflow steps are configurable by service call type
  • Map respects Planner master cloud url settings
  • Service calls show also link to activities
  • Unassigned service calls grid has configurable and reorderable columns
  • ServiceCall Start and End dates are shown for an unassigned service call (if available)
  • Service assignment tooltip not disappear when user click on it
  • Show ShipToAddress if available
  • Alerts for old unreleased assignments
  • Weekday is shown in the calendar
  • Respect Start/End date fields in planner, if available
  • Show Estimated vs. Actual effort for the whole service call
  • New translations
  • Bug fixing
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