For which services the Support team needs to charge

We would like to bring to your attention that some support services are subject to charge. For the following instances, there will be a fee associated with the support services provided to you:

  • issues occurring due to unfulfilled system requirements (e.g. not supported SAP patch levels)
  • issues due to insufficient or incorrectly configured software/system parameters (e.g. closed posting periods)
  • issues related to running coresuite (where system requirements are NOT fulfilled)
  • issues related to manual changes on database level or inconsistent data
  • configuration of SAP Business One and coresuite products
  • analysis, message creation, installation, updates for SAP Business One
  • workshops and trainings
  • adjustments on user-modified standard layouts or individual layouts, customize rules, programs, processes without valid specific maintenance contract
  • coresuite cube issues already documented in FAQ
  • Citrix issues (see documentation in FAQ)
  • carrying out installations and upgrades
  • testing of installations and upgrades (e.g. testing user-modified standard layouts or individual layouts, customize rules, programs, processes for new SAP Patch levels)
  • issues resulting from server move (which leads to execution issues)
  • issues resulting from password changes
  • issues resulting from an incorrect configuration of the system, AddOn or module
  • providing individual code snippets or queries
  • eCommerce installations
  • Enterprise cube installations

Needless to say, in case the occurred error is due to a fault in the coresuite product there will be no charge for the support service.

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