Send system information to coresystems

As of coresuite framework version 3.40, there is an option to send your SAP Business One system information to coresystems.


- Proactive communication from coresystems side regarding specific coresuite or SAP versions
- Clearly structured information regarding the installed versions in the support ticket
- Faster processing of support tickets, since we no longer have to ask for versions

How do I send my system information to coresystems?

In the main menu, go to Administration > Add-ons > coresuite administration > Administration. At the bottom right of the window you will see the button "Send Info"


Click on this button to send the relevant information regarding add-ons and SAP to coresystems. We will save this information and can access it when we need it. Whenever you install a new module, make sure you re-start the coresuite add-on and then choose "Send Info" to ensure that we always have the latest information.

How do I link my system information to a ticket?

For your system information to be displayed in a ticket, you need to indicate the system number of the relevant SAP instance when you create a ticket.


When you have a support request, send us an email, including your system number, or open a support request directly on
After you have submitted all data and if the information we received is up-to-date, you will see the following:



Company name
SAP version and patch level
Last system information update
If the version number is displayed in black, it means that you have the latest version of the add-on. Hover with the mouse over the icon next to the add-on description to see the number of licenses and their expiry date.
If the version number is displayed in red, it means that there is an update for the relevant add-on. Hover with the mouse over the version number to see the latest version available.
Description which is in the system.

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