Hide users from resource planner list


After starting the resource planner you always see the full list of SAP users from the database. If you want to limit this list, you need to define an additional UDF.


How to guide:


  1. Open SAP B1
  2. Navigate to Tools > 
  3. Create a new UDF for the 'Users' category and name it COR_PLANNABLE. Set it to 'true' if the person can be planned in the resource planner and displayed in the map. By default the flag is set ("Y") to ensure backward compatibility. So even if the person object does not contain the UDF, cloud saves it as 'true' (as a plannable resource). To hide the person set it to 'false' ("N"). See picture below:
  4. skills_1.png
  5. Don't forget to restart coresuite if you're being asked.
  6. Now just navigate to users and decide who should be displayed inside the resource planner.
  7. skills_2.png
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