Error: COM automation is not available. Please contact your administrator.

Issue Description

When user tries to use the attach as PDF and e-mail function in the Resource Planner (see screen shot below). The user will receive a COM error. This is due to the lack of a registry entry and certificate provided by coresystems that needs to be imported into the customers computer certificate store.


Troubleshooting Steps/Tips

1. Access Resource Planner:

2. Open a Service Call that has been assigned to a Technician.

3. Click on the Create PDF and attach to e-mail function in the bottom right hand corner

If you receive the error message below please read on:



1. Please download the associated zip file.

2. Unzip the files to your desired location.

3. Find the executable located in the folder (EnableElevatedTrustApplications.exe). Please make sure to right click and "Run as Administrator".

4. Use should receive the following output in the command line screen:


5. Press Enter and you will now be able to use the Create PDF and attach to e-mail function again


  • Please remember to run the executable as Administrator. If you would like to view the source code of this executable please contact support at
  • There is a new certificate every year. The attached ZIP file is updated for 2018.


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