Error: Only DI connected no UI possible

Issue description

Error message: Only DI connected no UI possible 


Troubleshooting steps/tips

This message can be caused by several add-ons, not only by eCommerce.

1. The reason for this error message is a message box which cannot be shown. The message box cannot be shown because the application is running as a service and not as a process.

This message might also have a different reason:

2. You use different identifiers for the connection to SAP. The server name in file config.xml and the server name for the connection to the SQL server in SAP must be equal.


1. The "real" error message (which the message box wants to show) is not directly visible, but in most cases it will be printed in the log file as a subsequent error message.

2. Combinations from (local)DNS name and IP will not work; use everywhere the same identifier and then it will work.

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