Xcelsius and dashboard issues

Dashboards show blank when opening a coresuite dashboard which is based on Xcelsius (Flash file)



This issue is caused by some changes in the latest Adobe Flash Player versions. The corresponding dynamic link libraries (DLL) are not extracted properly.



This is reported to Adobe for a fix.

The following workaround can be applied :


32-Bit / 64-Bit SAP Business One Client :

  1. Right-click on SAP Business One Client Application --> Open file location
  2. Go into the following folder : Addons --> COR --> coresuite
  3. Copy the dynamic link library (DLL) files
    • AxInterop.ShockwaveFlashObjects.dll
    • Interop.ShockwaveFlashObjects.dll
  4. Install ActiveX with the attached file (flashplayer23_0r0_207_winax.msi)
  5. Restart SAP Business One via right-click as Adminstrator
  6. Start the coresuite addon


You can download the DLL's from the attachment.



Maintenance for Coresystems pre-delivered Crystal Dashboards (formerly Xcelsius) layouts inside Country Package has ended on December 31th 2016. Existing Crystal Dashboards can still be used and the possibility to create your own customized and new Crystal Dashboards is still fully available: See more details here: Crystal Dashboard Designer (formerly Xcelsius).

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