How can i start a script after printing a document?

You can use one of the following EventHandlers:

  • AfterPrintOrPreview
  • AfterMailOrFax
  • AfterExport

Example AfterPrintOrPreview:
GenerateScript of the Template:

If Not Engine.IsDoublePass  Then   AddHandler LD.AfterPrintOrPreview, AddressOf AfterPrintOrPreview End If

CommonScript of the Template:

Private Sub AfterPrintOrPreview()   If GetData("LD.Par.PrintMode") = "N" And GetData("LD.Par.Preview") = "N"   Then     MsgBox("Hello from AfterPrintOrPreview")   End If End Sub

With Versions > 1.72 you can check the GetData("LD.SysPar.Printed") Parameter in the event.
In Version >= 3.00 you may also use the new coresuite customize optimizer events (designer layout, printdef, queue)

It contains the Printjobname if the document was sent to the spooler successfully.

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