HowTo Datamatrix 2d Barcodes - install and use it

Issue description

A lot of customers need "Datamatrix 2d Barcodes" within designer-layouts.

In the standard version of designer, this is not possible. But the functionality can be added through a AddOn called "-BarCodeHelper"

import BarCodeHelper.sip through coresuite Administration

1) in SharpShooter add an AdvancedPicture

2) select the AdvancedPicture and go to Properties-> GenerateScript
in the field, add:

Dim bcdm As = New
Dim optionObj As = New

Dim gs1Code As String
gs1Code = "yourCode"

optionObj.Scheme =
'optionObj.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.Red
'optionObj.ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.Green

advancedPicture1.Image = bcdm.EncodeImage(gs1Code,optionObj)


3) with the function above, the datamatrix gets generated in the AdvancedPicture.

As soon as you preview the picture, it will show a DataMatrix 2d Barcode.

If you need to place a lot of text in a Datamatrix, you need to play around with following properties, therefore go to:

template-Properties -> Graphics Settings -> Interpolation Mode and Smoothing Mode
(for Barcodes you want to make sure, that no smoothing is used; each transitions should be hard. For best recognition, it's important to have only black and white - without any colors in between.


If this was too technical, no Problem. You may also just watch the following movie which will explain the installation in detail.


See attachements for .sip file and example layout

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