New version of coresuite 4.60 - Official Release

On the 4th December 2014 coresuite country package v.4.60 have been released. Version 4.60 is what we called the "tour release" as it is containing many features and improvements requested by our Partners during the coresystems tour. We would like to Thank You all our Partners for their warm welcome and the valuable feedbacks provided with this special release!

The release 4.60 is introducing the following:

• CSC-379 Ability to run grid.execute using easy function
• CSC-734 Grid Configurator * Add a tab in production orders (Form 65211)
• CSC-773 Apply rule template to new created & wizard rules
• CSC-802 Support Multilanguage Codes eg. [@T0000010] for Form Title, Menu Name, Function Button Name, Tab Name, Right-click Menu Name, Description column on Parameters tab
• CSC-836 UDT Handler * Raise FormLoadCompleted event when the UDT Handler is loaded
• CSC-837 Grid Configurator * Raise FormLoadCompleted event when the Grid Configurator is loaded
• CSC-853 pVal.RuleInfo.RuleType Function which gives the RuleType
• CSC-867 Being able to specify UDT From title with query in a form created via UDT Handler
• CSC-882 Performance improvement: Right-click on menu

• CSD-518 Warning message when pasting a query or text in the coresuite script editor or editor that is too long for the SAP field
• CSD-647 layout management: search for FormType
• CSD-712 Specify which Document caused an error during Batch Emailing
• CSD-736 Expose "Export File Name" in the GEN:Parameter Check - LD (GEN00012) Layout
• CSD-803 Possibility to use the standard signatures of the outlook client
• CSD-807 Performance Improvement: Execute only those queries which are used in the layout
• CSD-808 Layout Export: Export texts linked in MenuDescription in Layoutdefinition
• CSD-815 Support font LubalGraph Bd BT in designer
• CSD-818 Use FileName for Printjobname for simple jobs

Enterprise Search
• CSENSE-341 Support for SAP 9.1

• CSF-347 Save installation date in "@SWA_MODULES"."U_ReleaseDate"
• CSF-348 Support time on HANA

• CSPC-987 Branch filter in FIN05404 - Profit and Loss
• CSPC-988 Branch filter in FIN05402 - Balance Sheet
• CSPC-992 Slim DIN Layout

• CST-1127 On step 1 being able to specify the Remarks for the document that will be created
• CST-1128 New parameters for Service Call Billing Wizard: [%ExternalRemarks], [%ResourceName]
• CST-1130 Consider Dimension 2, 3, 4, 5 in Time Recording and Billing Wizard V2
• CST-1143 Service Call Planning over several years interval
• CST-1144 BillingWizard V2: Create new event for PostActions
• CST-1158 Event to filter the items displayed in the Materials tab in the Time Recording window

This version contains as well bug-fixes and other improvements.
The updated change-log is available at on the 4th December 2014.
The installers for onPremise and HANA are available at on the 5th December 2014.
Information about coresuite for the RampUp version of SAP 9.1 are available here:
We remind to all our customers that for any support request related to this release a new message should be open at mentioning in the subject the release version.
Your coresystems Team!

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