SAP Field Service Management SMS service change

What is the service?

Customer can send SMS via business rule in SAP FSM.

What is going to change?

Customers who want to send SMS need to register an account directly with the SMS messaging gateway provider (Sinch). SMS sending can still be triggered by business rule in FSM.

Why do we change this?

In certain countries, it is a legal requirement for enterprises to submit registration documentation to the local Telco operator if they wish to register their sender ID for SMS delivery to their customers. This is to ensure that no SMS traffic is blocked and will be deemed as legitimate.

Customers who want to send SMS need to register individually with SMS gateway provider (Sinch). Currently all SMS are sent on behalf of SAP SE as sender - this needs to change according to the region/country specific telecommunication regulations.

What is the ask?

No action needs to be taken if customer is not using SMS service in SAP FSM

Any customer who is using or plan to use SMS service via SAP FSM need to perform the following steps:

1. Register your own account with Sinch. You can initiate the process to request the SMS service by email on: . Please state "SAP FSM" in the email subject.

2. Provide your own Sinch account information under FSM SMS Configuration page.

By when do you need to register?

We recommend registering your own account with Sinch by 30th November 2023.

Important Notes:

Currently only Sinch is supported as the SMS gateway provider. If you would like to use any other provider, please reach out to your SAP contact to discuss on the possibility.

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