New version of Coresystems Field Service Management: Release 5.90

What's new in Release 5.90


SAN FRANCISCO, August 30, 2017 - Today, we are happy to announce the forthcoming release of Coresystems Field Service Software version 5.90.

Highlights of 5.90 and User Impact:

  • Quickly design your checklists using existing PDF Reports: we are introducing a new way to design and fill-out checklists: just select your (former) reports in PDF, highlights the fields that needs to be filled-out, link them with a checklist using drag & drop functionality and you’re done!
  • Better decision making through advanced contextual information in the Field Execution: we now provide a quick overview of the Equipment History in our Mobile Field Service App, helping your technician make better decisions.
  • Quick Access to the relevant information thanks to new advanced filters on Master Data


  • Manage your end-customer accounts: the Now Portal now includes user management and administration features (Create account, reset password or delete account). Every contact of a business partner now has the potential to be a portal user and request services and view service details using Now. For these contacts (end customers) it is possible to administrate their individual portal account.

  • A new set of settings to better fit your needs: we have introduced new settings so that you can better adjust the customer experience to fit your needs:

  • Monitor new KPIs & take better decisions: Two additional charts have been added to the admin dashboard in order to monitor how often Now is used. This KPI can be used, for example, to see if the number of service requests generated in Now are increasing compared to service calls created using other means.

Workforce Management

  • Get a better overview of your planned activities: It is now possible to hide non-working hours in the planning board. Simply deselect the “Display non-working time” option in the planning horizon.WFM_7.png

  • The workflow step is now displayed on the activity canvas in the planning board. This makes it much easier to have all activities under control and have a full status overview of each activity.WFM_8.png
  • Your Service Calls are addressing multiple Equipment? We support it now!
    If in the ERP multiple equipment are defined for a certain Service Calls, these will now be displayed in the service call detail page and in the sidebar

Service Call Sidebar


Service Call Sidebar

  • It is now possible to search for a customer-phone number in the Service Call customer WFM_5.png 

Search by Customer’s phone number

  • Quick access to Technicians detail: When clicking on a technician’s name, the Master Data of the technician will open-up.


Click on the technician’s planning board will open the technician’s master data record.

Project management

  • When working with Projects, the “Release Type” property must now be set. This defines how Service Calls are generated within your project. Once the release type is defined and at least one activity has been released, the release type field becomes visible as read-only so every user can always check the release strategy that has been defined for a specific project.
    Note: Until version prior to 5.90 the release type shows as pop-up during the first activity release. This will be not the case anymore from 5.90 on. For existing projects, the “Release for dispatching” option will be disabled until a release type is defined on the project-detail sidebar.


Mobile Field Service

  • Updated Activity header for better insight: On Android & iOS, we updated the design of the Activity header to show you the most relevant information associated with the activity. Information now visible in the header includes the Activity Subject, address, planned start and end times, and actual start and end times.

                  mobile1.png     mobile2.png

  • Give your technicians a quick overview of the history of an equipment. On Android & iOS On the equipment screen, we now show you the list of previous activities carried out on the equipment, giving you additional context and helping your techs make clear decisions.

    mobile3.png     mobile4.png

  • On Android we now provide the option to have the checkout integrated in the workflow step. Additionally, we have improved the user checkout user experience for customers by showing the report before asking for the customer signature. Soon to come on iOS.

        mobile5.png     mobile6.png     mobile7.png

Master Data Management

  • Want to quickly find all the open Service Calls connected with an Equipment or a Business Partner to quickly plan them all together? You can now accomplish this from the business partner details page and/or equipment details page.

  • We introduced the Advanced filters on all master data, so that you more quickly find the records you’re looking for. These filters can be saved and reapplied as needed.


Knowledge Management

  • You can now design checklist templates based on an existing PDF Report and fill them in on iOS in the new Report View or the known Chapter View.km_1.png

Advanced Functionalities

  • It is now possible to define multi-language actions in Business Rules. This helps to send notifications to business partners in the corresponding language defined.

For a live demonstration of this new Version, feel free to join our Webinar and register here:

  • for German (Tue, Sep 19. September 2017, 10:00 - 10:45 CEST)
  • for English (Tue, Sep 19, 2017 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CEST)

Release Date

Our product is currently undergoing a structured series of tests. Under normal circumstances, the forecasted release dates are

  • Sep 05 2017, 11:59 PM GMT+1 for the following Web Applications: Now, Knowledge Management, Administration App & Master Data Management
  • Sep 06 2017, 05:00 PM GMT+1 for the Android and iOS Applications.

The following product will be released in the preview environment on 05th Sept. 2017: Workforce Management, Master Data Management, Project Management. Customers enrolled in the preview program will have time until Sept. 11th 2017 to review the new functionalities. On Sept. 11th 2017 the above applications will be released in production for General Availability.

Release Notes

For further details on all improvements and bug fixes, please refer to the Changelog for the respective product at   


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