My Antivirus tool is rating the app with a "low reputation"

Coresystems' Mobile Field Service App on Android will from time-to-time be flagged as having a "low" or "poor" reputation by third-party Mobile App Reputation Services. The calculated reputation is usually built on logic such as the number of installations for an app as well as functional factors such as the how deeply the App accesses a device. As the Mobile Field Service App is a serious business application which means that it is not installed on as many devices and requires deeper access than, for example, a game app.

Please be assured that Coresystems understands that the app is a critical part of the success of your business and therefore goes to great lengths to ensure that the app is by no means comparable with malware and that the features on Android are the same as those which are checked at code-level by Apple as part of the iOS App Approval process. Given the multitude of Mobile App Reputation Services, we abstain from paying fees to be placed on their whitelists in the interests of keeping costs down.

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