New version of Coresystems Field Service Management: December Release

What's new in December Release

SAN FRANCISCO, December 1st 2017 - Today, we are happy to announce the forthcoming release of Coresystems Field Service Software

Highlights and User Impact

  • Crowd: better administrate your connections to keep a high performing partner ecosystem
  • Coresystems Now: improved AI Planning to provide an optimal, automated schedule to your technician
  • Workforce Management: an enhanced Map providing a comprehensive location overview of the critical data
  • Project Management: Better support for planning Teams
  • Master Data: Always ensure the address you've entered is valid thanks to our new Adress assistant

Crowd Marketplace

  • End Service Partner Connection from My Connections View The Marketplace now includes an overview of all connected service partners from which service partner connections can be terminated.
  • Cancel Service Partner Invitations from Pending Invitations. Additionally, the Marketplace now has a Pending Invitations view from which crowd service partner invitations can be canceled.


Coresystems Now

  • Supporting Best Matching Technician API

By using AI-Services for timeslot calculation, skills are now taken into account.

  • What’s new? With this version, our Release Notes are accessible in the Coresystems Now Backend.


  • Supporting new languages: We now speak Spanish and Portuguese.

Mobile Field Service


Better integration with 3rd party thanks to the auto-detection of URLs in the labels and values. The new Field Service Mobile recognizes the URL in labels and values on a detail screen. The technician can then select any URL which opens the corresponding external application to view the link, helping you to better integrate


Integrated Group Checkout now also available on Field Service iOS application We now support also group checkout and finish work in the integrated checkout on iOS. Review our online documentation for details.Note: for Beta users, we also provide a new version of the Field Service Windows application that supports the integrated checkout.

Master Data Management

  • Enable Map Assistant for Valid Addresses. It is now possible to use the map assistant when there is a valid address for the employee, business partner and/or equipment record. Additionally, we now also support geolocation for equipment if the address does not exist.


Workforce Management

  • Display Cockpit Menu entries depending on permissions: It is now possible to define which menus are visible or not visible depending on permission. Visibility can be defined following as shown in the below example:

The Activities menu is only displayed if the user has UI permission "visible" set for "ACTIVITY"

  • Manually Sort Technicians on Planning Board

All the customers that were using scenarios in the past to handle sorting of technicians can use this functionality also in the new WFM solution.

The ordering will be determined by existing scenarios selected in the user settings area.

We ensure backward compatibility and we plan to extend this functionality in a better approach.

Note: For customers not having scenarios defined, this setting will not be shown.


  • Newly-designed Map feature. The new map feature will be beta in December in order to collect customer feedback before the official switch from the old map feature to the new map feature. In order to access the new map feature, you must first log in to workforce management and then navigate to the following:


Project Management

  • Define Team on Project

It is now possible to define and assign a team to a project. Teams can consist of two or more technicians.


  • Define Permission for Team Management


In store app, a new permission called “Team” allows defining who can create, read, update and delete teams. The way permissions work is as following:

  • Users having Create = ALL can create team
  • Users having Create = OWN can create team
  • Users having Create = NONE cannot create team

Knowledge Management

  • Define colors for table column header and row descriptions.
KM1.png With the new version, it is now possible to highlight specific columns or rows by changing the font and/or background color of table column headers and row descriptions in checklist templates. These colors are displayed in the iOS and Android Field Service Mobile Applications. This new feature helps to visually highlight specific rows or columns and aid in filling in checklists.
  • Organise your checklist templates with labels.In the Knowledge Management application, it is now possible to add labels to checklist templates and filter the list of templates using labels. This is just the first step to improve checklist template management. In future releases, labels will also be extended to the Field Service Mobile applications and Workforce Management when creating new checklist instances.


Watch the Webinar

English Version:


German Version:

Release Date

Our product has been released on Dec 12, 2017

Release Notes

For further details on all improvements and bug fixes, please refer to the Changelog for the respective product at


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