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In a Nutshell

Key to the Workforce Management module is the Skills Management feature. Here, administrators can assign skills to personnel which will operate as a filter when associated with a service call.

When a Service Call is created, planners can select a predefined skill from the Skills dropdown, in order to match available technicians to customer requirements.

Additionally, you can also use the Find Matching Technician feature in order to see which technicians’ skills match the service call requirements.

A Closer Look

When you navigate to the Skills Management tab of the Workforce Management module, you will see the following:

Skills Lifecycle

New Service Call
Skills generally begin as customer requirements. When a service call comes in with a specific requirement (such as skills, certifications, language abilities, etc) they can then be matched with a corresponding skill.
Create Skill
From the Skills tab, you can then create new skills to correspond with customer requirements by adding a name and description of the skill.
Assign Skill
Skills can then be assigned to technicians by selecting the technicians with the required skills in the technician field of the Skill Details panel. Now, when a service call comes in, you can select the necessary skill from the Skill dropdown.
Create Filter
In the Technician Filters section of the Workforce Management module, skills can be combined with other criteria to create powerful filters to improve service call outcomes.
Apply Filter
When a new service call comes in, you can apply a skills-based filter by selecting the saved filter from the Technician Filters list.

Create Skill

Skills are a defining filter for every business. With the Skills Management tab, you can create new skills and associate them with employees. When a service call is created and a skill is selected, this will filter the available employees.

Assign Skill

Once a skill has been created, you can then assign them to technicians and employees.

Create Technician Filter

The Filters feature of the Workforce Management module is used to create and apply filters for both Service Calls and Technicians. Once created, these filters can be used to quickly filter technicians or service calls in order to improve service call outcomes while streamlining the planning process.

Best Matching Technicians

Note: In order to use this feature, there must be skills associated with technicians, and required skills associated with service calls.

The Best Matching Technicians feature allows you to see which technicians are best suited for a service call, as well as provides prompts when service calls with specified requirements are assigned to technicians with missing skills.

To find the best matching technician for a service call with specific skill requirements, complete the following:

Permissions and Configurations

The following permissions are required to operate the Skills Management feature.

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