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6.0.0 (published 31 Oct 2017)

New Features

The following are included as part of the 6.0.0 release:

Reference Feature Description
CPB-15336 [Android] Allow to enforce that checkout cannot be done if there are open checklist instances
CPB-17777 [Android] Update order of fields in worktime dialog
CPB-18094 [Android] Allow to switch between Report and Chapter view in Checklist Instances (without any support for editing in report view)
CPB-18095 [Android] Checklist Report View - Support text input element
CPB-18096 [Android] Checklist Report View - Support object picker input element
CPB-18098 [Android] Checklist Report View - Support signature element
CPB-18099 [Android] Checklist Report View - Support calculation element
CPB-18100 [Android] Checklist Report View - Support number input element
CPB-18101 [Android] Checklist Report View - Support date input element
CPB-18102 [Android] Checklist Report View - Support drop-down element
CPB-18103 [Android] Checklist Report View - Support checkbox element
CPB-18104 [Android] Checklist Report View - Support attachment picker element
CPB-18105 [Android] Checklist Report View - Support Label element
CPB-18112 [Android] Checklist Report View - Support attachment element
CPB-18571 [Android] Support flag to enable / disable pictures on each checklist element
CPB-18723 [Android] Display an alert when trying to edit items that have already been approved
CPB-19179 [Android] Magic Link Login
CPB-19431 [Android] Checklist Report View - Open checklists directly in Report View if there is a PDF attached

Defect Corrections

The following bug fixes were included as part of the 6.0.0 release:

Reference Description
CPB-17257 [Android] Device location not sent when the app is running in the background
CPB-17740 [Android] Checklists - Attaching video causes error message
CPB-17794 [Android] Checkout rating is recorded whereas the user did not rate it
CPB-17944 [Android] Crash when creating or editing activity with start/end time set to more that 50 years
CPB-18240 [Android] Android O - Crash on search
CPB-18241 [Android] Android O - Crash when open the SC on a ERP Error
CPB-18314 [Android] It is possible to change checklist instance settings of closed checklist instance
CPB-18331 [Android] Opportunity - After saving edit mode is still active
CPB-18458 [Android] Activities are not displayed on Compact view
CPB-18685 [Android][MARSOL] After checkout the Service Call is blocked on Android
CPB-18690 [Android][MARSOL] Inconsistent behavior of synchronised Service Calls on mobile
CPB-19068 [Android] app changes original checklistinstance and activity when cloning a checklistinstance
CPB-19252 [Android] Full Sync is slower after introducing the trigger for creating the shallow activities
CPB-19446 Sync process is very slow and does not finish
CPB-19654 [Android] Group checkout does not Close marked single assignment

5.90 (published 17 Oct 2017)

New Features

There are no new features part of the 5.90 release

Defect Corrections

There are no bug fixes part of the 5.90 release

5.85 (published 31 Aug 2017)

New Features

The following are included as part of the 5.85 release:

Reference Feature Description
CPB-8604 [Android] Allow to display external id if it is defined in the screen configuration

Defect Corrections

The following bug fixes were included as part of the 5.85 release:

Reference Description
CPB-16910 [Android] Favorite icon for Business Partner is different from the iOS one
CPB-16912 [Android] “Additional Name” field is missing on Business Partner creation
CPB-16913 [Android] UDFs are not saved on Business Partner
CPB-16917 [Android] Expense List > Margin to the left, right and top are too small
CPB-16926 [Android] Closed Service Calls aren’t displayed in the calendar
CPB-16929 [Android] Favorite icon not displayed in Contacts
CPB-16937 [Android] The App crashes when tapping logout without a synced company
CPB-16976 [Android] Materiel total price not displayed
CPB-17006 [Android] Stuck in Settings on never-synced Company
CPB-17502 [Android] Cannot add new checklists to Activity, Sales Order or Quotation objects
CPB-17503 [Android] App crashes when trying to open a specific checklist
CPB-17573 [Android] Upon restarting the LocationService after it has been killed, the app crashes
CPB-17628 [Android] Slack integration is not working
CPB-17662 [Android] Checklist validates mandatory element incorrectly

5.80 (published 6 Sep 2017)

New Features

The following are included as part of the 5.80 release:

Reference Feature Description
CPB-11769 [Android] Allow to delete a Business Partner from an Activity
CPB-13635 [Android] Provide the GPS-location of a mobile device
CPB-14552 [Android] Create an Activity without responsible
CPB-15147 [Android] Option to see translation key instead of label inside the app
CPB-15313 [Android] Segregate between Internal & External Expenses
CPB-15441 [Android] Clarify the references of a Purchase Order
CPB-15522 [Android] Notification when Exiting Web Container that unsaved data might be lost
CPB-15680 [Android] Support to display linked invoices and customer information on business partner detail screen also with screen configuration

Defect Corrections

The following bug fixes were included as part of the 5.80 release:

Reference Description
CPB-15990 [Android] Validation of visibility condition on checkbox does not work properly
CPB-16236 [Android] Checklist Table element is not displayed correctly
CPB-16237 [Android] Changing status in a checklist does not deselect previously selected status
CPB-16350 [Android] “Open in…” functionality does not work
CPB-16701 [Android] The icon displayed for an Expense is not changed based on if it is chargeable
CPB-16755 [Android] Item bars that used to be white are black
CPB-16810 [Android] Screen configuration on Material screen leads to lose Serial number field
CPB-16837 [Android] Efforts captured by workflow steps are not shown
CPB-16881 [Android] Updating a UDF value doesn’t seem to persist

5.65 (published 31 Aug 2017)

New Features

There are no new features part of the 5.65 release

Defect Corrections

There are no bug fixes part of the 5.65 release

5.60 (published 31 Aug 2017)

New Features

The following are included as part of the 5.60 release:

Reference Feature Description
CPB-11566 [Android] Video conferencing - beta
CPB-11598 [Android] Capture the PO details for an activity
CPB-11699 [Android] Display numbering for series element
CPB-11704 [Android] In the picker element for checklists allow to define that a record can be selected only once per checklist instance
CPB-12070 [Android] Checklist Design: Arrange the navigation in chapters
CPB-12937 [Android] Prevent stock-level warning for negative quantities
CPB-13030 [Android] Allow to edit photos attached to checklists or other objects
CPB-13130 [Android] Open the Detail screen of a specific Activity after synch via URL
CPB-13282 [Android] Send activities that should be included in the Group checkout to the report
CPB-13388 [Android] Display Internal Text of Activity Feedback / Feedback Code in the Internal Remarks
CPB-13444 [Android] Support the DS “pt”
CPB-13637 [Android] Show the data volume for a company
CPB-13851 [Android] Show the approval status for Mileage
CPB-13852 [Android] Show the approval status for Materials
CPB-13853 [Android] Show the approval status for Expenses
CPB-13974 [Android] Show the linked Item’s name and code on Materials
CPB-14049 [Android] Show whether a field is read-only
CPB-14171 [Android] Store create date and time from when a picture was taken in the Attachment DTO
CPB-14194 [Android] Rename “Workflow Steps” to “Dispatcher Reminders”
CPB-14209 [Android] Use the filename provided in the content of the reporting api response to define the name of the file with report that is attached to the activity after checkout

Defect Corrections

The following bug fixes were included as part of the 5.60 release:

Reference Description
CPB-13162 [Android] Saving possible with illegal data
CPB-13360 [Android] List of subtasks are diplayed in random order
CPB-13396 [Android] GPS coordinates are zero when selecting Workflow step
CPB-13600 [ANDROID] Dropdown element displays ‘Internal Use Only’ but it is not configured to be Internal
CPB-13621 [Android] Route planning feature has “,” instead of “.” in the coordinate
CPB-13894 [Android] Workflow steps are not shown correctly as per their sequence
CPB-14084 [Android] Special prices are not applied to materials after confirmation from SAP B1
CPB-14086 [Android] Calculation error pops up many times which makes it impossible to enter values in checklist table
CPB-14116 [Android] Stock quantity is not properly calculated when materials are consumed
CPB-14121 [Android] Not possible to create materials with negative quantity
CPB-14160 Android not showing UDF’s on assignment detail screen anymore
CPB-14193 Android - Reserved Material screen shows wrong info
CPB-14225 [Android] Can not search with Chinese Character
CPB-14309 [Android] Effort and Mileage Start and End times are captured in seconds (when done via workflow steps)
CPB-14361 [Android] Not able to capture Efforts or Mileage using Workflow steps
CPB-14385 Checklist Android: Cannot close checklist, even though all mandatory fields are filled out
CPB-14473 [Android] Crash when selecting Reserved Materials
CPB-14623 [Android] Take to Own stock for Reserved Materail does not consider Own Warehouses
CPB-14755 Android 5.60RC6 4215 loses pre-filled checklist data after checking series details

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