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Note: This tab is only available to users with account holder credentials.

In a Nutshell

The Query API feature of the Admin module is used to setup and execute queries for Cloud-based data. Here, you can input and execute the CoreSQL query. The application will return a response to the query in JSON format.

Note The Admin Query API will, by default, use the latest version of the Data Transfer Object. If you would like to use a specific Data Transfer Object version, you can select the settings option, which will then enable you to declare a specific version of a supported data object.

A Closer Look

When you navigate to the Query API feature from the Companies tab, you will see the following information:

Querying Audit History

It is possible to query and view audit history for the following DTOs:

  • Activity
  • Service Call
  • Person
  • UnifiedPerson
  • Equipment
  • TimeEffort
  • Material
  • Mileage
  • Expense
  • Worktime

The following is an example of how the audit history table can be queried to view Activity history details:

SELECT aHistory.code, aHistory.checkedOut, aHistory.status, aHistory.executionStage, aHistory.lastChanged,, aHistory.lastChangedBy
FROM audit.Activity aHistory
WHERE aHistory.code = '134'
ORDER BY aHistory.lastChanged ASC;


Data Object Table

The following table describes the Data Objects and fields used in Field Service Management. You can use this table to view data object information in detail. These DTO versions are declared in the DTO Versions field of the application interface.

Error Codes

The following table describes the Client Error codes that may be returned when using the Query API.

Writing Queries

The following section describes in more detail how you can write your own CoreSQL queries. CoreSQL is limited to the SQL clauses and expressions described below.

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