Creating Custom Workflow Steps

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In a Nutshell

Workflow Steps allow you to activate and configure checkpoints or milestones for the mobile application in order to standardize processes and improve communications between back-office teams and field employees. Custom Workflow steps are created and managed in the Service Cloud.

A Closer Look

Assignments List

In the Assignments List, the current workflow step is displayed and highlighted beside the assignment. However, for “new” assignments that have not yet been accepted, no status information will be displayed.

Assignment Detail Screen

The current assignment workflow step of the assignment is displayed in the Assignment Detail screen. Workflow steps that follow the current workflow steps are displayed at the bottom of the screen. From this screen, the technician can proceed through the assignment workflow steps until checking out and bringing the assignment to a close.

Creating Custom Workflow Steps

  1. Login to the Service Cloud.
  2. Select a Company for which you like to create workflow steps from the company dropdown bar.
  3. From the sidebar, navigate to Settings > Service Calls > Workflow Steps

  4. The application will then display all workflow steps associated with the company.

  5. Select the Create New option. The application will then display a form on the right-hand side with the following information:

Field Description
Ordinal Required. The order/sequence in which the workflow step occurs.
Name Required. The name of the workflow step.
Color Hex chart. Here you can select the color with which the workflow step will be highlighted in the Activity Details screen of the mobile application.
Work Finished Options include: yes or no. Yes means that the status occurs following the completion of work.
Person Status If the custom workflow step is dependent on the status of the employee, you can select the status here. Options include:
  • Unknown (default)
  • Available
  • Busy
  • Not Available
  • Vacation
  • On Break
  • Errand
Effort Type If applicable, the type of effort record associated with the workflow step. Options include:
  • None (default)
  • Mileage
  • Time Effort
  • Work Time
Time Booking Chargeable Here you can determine whether or not the time entered for Time Effort and Work Time record types can be changed. Options include: yes and no. Default is no.
Acceptance Criteria Text-entry field. Here you can input an annotation explainig the expected input format.
  1. When complete, click the Save button above.
  2. Repeat as needed. The order of the workflow step is managed in the Ordinal field.

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