New version of Coresystems Field Service Management: Release 6.0.0

What's new in Release 6.0.0

SAN FRANCISCO, October 20 2017 - Today, we are happy to announce the forthcoming release of Coresystems Field Service Software version 6.0.0

Highlights of 6.0.0 and User Impact:

  • Want to deliver service in real-time? Build the future platform of Field Service by inviting your service partners and their technicians to join your ecosystem. Let Cali, our AI Engine, automatically assign them the jobs you want in real-time. Want to know more? A detailed announcement is forthcoming - stay tuned.
  • For technicians who want to work faster and don’t want to manage again a new password, we introduced the Magic Link Login on our Mobile Field Service App.

Coresystems Now

  • Supporting Optical Character Recognition (OCR): With the new OCR feature, you can simply take a picture of the equipment serial number. The serial number will be read and recognized, and the Service-Bot will be automatically launched.


  • Redesign of Open Service Request list and details: With this redesign, the end customer  will get a more detailed, insightful overview of open requests. 



  • Improvements on Workflow Assignment: With this release, it is now possible to assign workflow step to all status types. Additionally, icons can be adjusted as well to suit your needs.


Mobile Field Service

  • Passwordless Authentication (iOS & Android) :  You can now request a link that will enable you to safely log into the application. No need to manually enter and remember long, complex passwords.


  • Edit and Delete Objects (iOS & Android): It is now possible to edit and delete Effort, Material, Mileage and Expense records on service calls and activities that have not yet been processed.


  • Checkout flow (iOS) : iOS now supports a new checkout flow that is integrated in Workflow Steps for the Standard Checkout (excluding the Group Checkout for this first release). For information on how to configure this please see our our online documentation 

Master Data Management

  • Support concealment of attachments, address, contacts on details pages: It is now possible to use the screen configurator to hide or display attachments, addresses, and/or contacts on the master data detail screens. This is supported for the business partners, equipment, people, and items’ details screens.
  • Enable display UDFs on advanced filter based on customized screen: If a user has customized UDFs that are displayed, the system will only display those visible UDFs as a filter dimension in the advanced filter.
  • Enable multiple service call recurrence based on equipment in one contract: When a user creates a service contract record with multiple equipment associated with it, you can now define different rates of recurrence for each equipment. The system will then automatically generate service calls for each equipment based on this rate of recurrence.
  • Configure  auto-generated recurrence rate for service contracts: Users can now configure when to auto-generate maintenance service calls on service contract recurrence. This feature is available in the advanced settings and helps user to dynamically plan maintenance service calls as early as possible, for improved results.


Workforce Management

  • Close activities that are checked-out but not yet closed from the planning board. In certain cases, activities are not closed at checkout. This is done so that they can be closed later (e.g. after reaching the HQ). In certain cases, it is required that the planner close the activities that are checked-out but still open in order to mark them as "technically complete". This procedure for would otherwise not be allowed if there were open activities for the service call.


  • Display overdue time if an activity is not closed within the given timeframe. In order to have better visibility of the activities which have not been closed within the planned time a new functionality allows to display the overdue time of activities. In order to activate such functionality a company setting named “CoreSystems.ResourcePlanner.AssignmentStatusMaximumOverdueTimeInMinutes” should be defined and set. Note that the maximum growth displayed is 24hours. Any setting higher than this will not be considered. Note as well that the overtime is displayed only for released activities as those represents activities that have been handed over to technicians.


  • Switch position of planning board and planning list. When working with multiple screens or by user preference, some users prefer to have the planning list next to the planning board instead of displayed at the bottom. In the setting of the planning page is possible to switch the dock side of the planning list between “dock to bottom” and “dock to left”. The planning page will then be rendered as follows:


Dock to bottom


Dock to left

  • Sorting in the planning list and service call list is now done using natural sorting


  • Support two weeks view on the planning board. As many of our customers plan using a two-week window, we have introduced a new two-week view to support their planning needs.


Project Management

  • Define Skills on ActivitiesDuring the preparation phase of a project, it is now possible to define skills on activities within the project. This means that it is no longer necessary to navigate out of the Project Management app to define skills for activities.



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Release Date

The Product has been released on October 31, 2017

Release Notes

For further details on all improvements and bug fixes, please refer to the Changelog for the respective product at


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