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Dear Partner/customer

The detail pages of effort, expense, material and mileage look different in Time & Material Journal but still works the same way from function perspective.


What's the same:

The detail contents haven't changed. You enter the same information you usually do.

The function of add, edit, remove is the same as before

Why the details changed to the new modal view:

Give a cleaner, less charged and more focused look

Make the approve process faster

Reserve the right area for customized widgets/ display more information in the table

Where the change will happen

The new modal view will be applied in Effort, Material, Expense and Mileage detail page.

When this change will happen

5.65 Release (25 April 2017) 

We value your experience with our product and are always looking for way to improve in the future. We apologize if this may cause you any inconvenience at first, but we are confident this will improve the experience using our product. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support or give feedback in our forum.

Your coresystems Team

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