New version of Coresystems Field Service Management: Release 5.70

What's new in Release 5.70

Today, we are happy to announce the forthcoming release of Coresystems Field Service Software version 5.70.

Highlights of 5.70 and User Impact:

  • Coresystems Now: Increase your end-customer satisfaction by integrating them into the Field Service Journey

  • Thanks to your feedback, we made a lot of small improvements to increase the planning & dispatching speed. Want the details? Have a look below!
  • Real Time Analytics: Have you already created dashboards in our Analytics & Reporting App? Field employees can now directly see them in the Mobile Field Service App. Give it a try, it’s free and can be easily enabled (log into your store account and set Dashboard permissions to “visible”- more information here)
  • WYSIWYG screen customization now available on all the Master Data Management screens

Introducing Coresystems Now, the end customer self-service portal

With Coresystems Now, your end-customers can request services for their equipment. Now provides you the following features & benefits:

  • QR-Codes-Scan an Equipment at anytime to generate a Service Request - giving a 24/7 response time to your end-customer
  • Increase Customer satisfaction with a simple & intuitive chat-based dialog
  • Provide Better Service Quality and Reduce Call-Center activities by giving your end-customer a way to quickly retrieve all relevant information
  • Always be informed about service status with ETA and Notifications

now1.png now2.png

now4.png  now3.png


Workforce Management

  • This release includes many performance improvements. We are now using a new technology to load activities and service calls on the planning board, making it 8x faster than before.

  • We have made filtering consistent and easy throughout the app - now on the Service Call Module

  • We have made it easier to navigate by allowing you to directly edit an object in a dedicated dialog

  • We fine tuned the user interface and added useful information (like week-number, support for 12h vs 24 time  format, better usage of the place when displaying Technician Name & related info and replaced Activity pops-up with “quick dialogs”):

  • Last but not least, all the relevant User Settings are now stored in our cloud, so that next time you log-in, everything will appear as you left it.

Mobile Field Service

  • Field employees can now directly view charts defined on the dashboard in the Analytics and Reporting app in the Real Time Analytics Module of the Mobile Field Service App.

  • Navigation through the modules is now easier. Based on feedback from technicians, we improved the usability of iOS and Android mobile apps and redesigned the menu drawer.
  • We make it clear! Name of Technician, Email of Technician, selected Company and the Date&Time of Last Synchronisation of data are now displayed on top of the menu. The Back button was removed.

Knowledge Management

  • After watching customers while they were building their very large checklist templates we improved the performance of the Knowledge Management App. with a new behaviour to navigate in the chapters and the option to save checklist templates on demand. For better usability we added further autocomplete and validation when defining visibility conditions for checklist template elements.

Advanced Functionalities

  • Screen Configuration: we now support the configuration of the main screen in the Master Data Management Web application. We also added the user interface to switch certain available actions on the Mobile Screens on or off.
  • From the Feedback of consultants and partners we improved the usability of the Admin design with the focus to make testing of Business Rules easier. We also now provide more functions like download and upload of business rules or user groups as well as edit company information to be able to manage several companies for one account.

This release also includes additional bugfixes and performance improvements. Refer to the detailed Release Notes below for more information.

For a live demonstration of this new Version, feel free to join our Webinar and register here:

  • for German (24. Mai 2017, 10:00 - 10:45 CEST)
  • for English (01. June , 2017 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM CEST)

 See the recording of the English information session:

or the German version:

Release Date

Our product is currently in process of a structured series of tests. Under normal circumstances, the forecasted release dates are

  • 16-Mai-17 2017, 11:59 PM GMT+1 for all Web Applications (Now, Workforce Management, Knowledge Management, Administration App & Master Data Management)
  • 16-Mai-17, 05:00 PM GMT+1 for the Android and iOS Applications.

Release Notes

For further details of all improvements and bug fixes see our Release Notes which will be updated after the release.

Note that for the update of the Windows Version of our Mobile Field Service Client you will need Administrator Permissions.


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